Community Impacts

School Impacts:

By enhancing the school experience for students through the ski program,  we have seen a change in the following:

Attendance increase:

  • ????????????????????????????????????98% attendance on SFNA Ski Days at schools (compared to 65% otherwise)
  • 50% of FNMI youth don’t finish high school – by enhancing school experience through the ski program, this will help change the negative trend
  • Suspension numbers drop

Health Impacts:

Introducing an active lifestyle through cross-country skiing and healthy lifestyle choices to students at a young age can help prevent a variety of health risks in their future.

Promoting Cultural Activities:

SFNA’s multi community events gives neighboring communities with differing cultural backgrounds the opportunity to share and embrace each others culture. (example: Powwow drum and dance song vs. Métis jig activities that were shared at 1 SFNA community event)

????????????????????????????????????Student Responses to the SFNA Program:

  • 97% of  respondents “looked forward to Ski Fit North Alberta ski days”.
  • 99% of respondents enjoyed ski days with SFNA.
  • 89% of students felt “Happy” after a ski day with SFNA
  • 84% of students felt “In a good mood” after a ski day with SFNA.
  • 72% of students felt “Confident” after a ski day with SFNA.
  • 90% of students wanted to exercise more as a result of participation in SFNA programming.
  • 65% of students reported a change in “eating and drinking habits after the nutrition presentation”.


Ski Fit North Alberta has equipment that allows individuals of all physical abilities to experience cross country skiing, including those in wheelchairs. For more information, please contact

Legacy in Communities:

  • Ski Fit North Alberta has run courses to train individuals to become NCCP trained community coaches
  • Communities purchasing their own cross country ski equipment, including skis and track setting equipment
  • Talent from communities moving from grassroots to competitive- four athletes qualified for the 2016 Alberta Winter Games team
“What I liked about Ski Fit North Alberta was seeing everyone happy”Sudent Participant

For more information or to inquire about bringing Ski Fit North Alberta to your community, contact the Program Coordinator at