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Do you love skiing, kids, and adventure?

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This winter Ski Fit North Alberta will be in approximately 20 different communities, engaging over 4,000 children with sport and activity – and we’d love your help! 

We are looking for individuals across the province who are enthusiastic, caring, and love working with kids. You do not need a strong background in cross country skiing – just a great attitude, a bit of time, and a desire to make a difference in the lives of Indigenous children and youth.

With your help we can empower children of all ages and abilities through the sport of cross country skiing. Please consider getting involved with Ski Fit North Alberta in your community.
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To sign up as a volunteer, please fill in the form below and click “submit”. 

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  • (ie allergies)
  • Background

  • (ie photography, dancing, cooking, sports. This will help us form the best coaching groups. )
  • (ie how many years have you skid, any coaching levels etc. Note: as a volunteer it is not mandatory to have a background in xc skiing.)
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Frequently Asked Questions

When do you need volunteers? Is it weekdays or weekends, or both? 

We need volunteer for weekdays during school hours. If you only have weekend availability you can still submit your information, and if we ever have an event on the weekend we will contact you. 

Is there an age requirement?

We ask that volunteers are over the age of sixteen.

How many hours or days are you looking for in terms of commitment? 

Ideally for the whole school day, but if you are only able to attend for a few hours we can work with that. Usually we split the day into morning and afternoon sessions. Within each session there are generally a few classes that rotate out. So even if you could only come for a few hours in the middle of the day we would be happy to have your help! We only ask that you give us a minimum of three volunteer hours. The day would be wrapped up by 5pm at the very latest. 

And are there a range of locations we might be sent to? 

Yes, we work all across the province. To cut back on transportation time we will place you with a community that is close to where you live. We know which communities you are closest to based on the mailing address you provide us. 

Are volunteers responsible for our own transportation? 

Yes. All volunteers need to transport themselves to and from the location. We will give you mileage costs to and from the location. 

Do you have questions that weren’t answered above? Contact the program coordinator at